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I just joined :)!
I am left handed, I do everything with my left hand, even use a mouse and a can opener :3.
I also have a learning disability and have CP. I did not learn to tie my shoes until I was 12 when my mom taught me to tie them backwards (to her) with shoesboxs with laces put in.
I am getting my first ever left handed pen soon :)!
As far as my right hand goes it is barely in preschool when it comes to writing :\
To answer past posts :
I do curve my hand inward when writing, I don't try to hide my left handness, and I can not drink well with my right hand, it just doesn't feel right :P
Left handed and proud thank you :D!
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Awesome, welcome!

What makes a pen right handed?
The ink flows the the wrong way when we push it across the paper I heard..This is what the details of the pen say:
Left-Handed Pens Writing with a fountain pen can be a real problem for left-handers as they are pushing the pen across the page, rather than pulling it, which leads to difficulty with ink flow and the possibility of the nib digging into the paper. The problem is greatly alleviated by the use of a left-handed pen which has the nib specially cut to avoid these problems.
Hmm.. thats really interesting! I wonder if thats why I have a hard time getting a lot of pens to even write...yes i know they do run out of ink but still I wonder if theres any chance any of it might have to do with how the ink comes out. Never knew there could be a difference before reading this though.

Actually, when I read pen first I thought ink pen then thought surely not, maybe u meant a pin ya wear, which I could see maybe being easier if the closing end faced the other direction.

Where does one get an ink pen like this?
I am going to bid on one on ebay soon :)
They are about $11 each but I think it is worth it :)
Sorry know I posted once already in response to another comment but wanted to welcome you to the group. And say I know how it is being different in addition to handedness, as I'm legally blind. So I tell people I have 3 disabilities: being legally blind, being left-handed, and being a woman. :) And while I've never had it confirmed by a doctor, I also don't have a sense of smell.
I always wondered, how do you read and write things on the internet when you are blind? Do you have to have a type of reader?
I personally have quite a bit of useable vision, 'legally blind' doesn't always mean one can't see at all. Having said that, there are several different types of software people can use. For instance, I use a magnification/screen reader software program. Totally blind people use more in-depth screen reader programs.
That's nice to know :)