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I get so Sick And Tired of people calling me a South Paw when noticing that I write with my left hand.
A southpaw is a lefthanded person that curves their hand inward when writing.
I Do Not do that!!!!!! Yes I am a Dukey, But not a South Paw.

By the way, I did a while ago read somewhere that right handed people live an average of 7 years longer than the lefthanded person.

I don't know how that research was done.
But I hope they are wrong.
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It's probably an averaging of the lifespans of people who are lefties and righties. I have read in many sources that lefties are more likely to be injured simply because many implements and machines are designed explicitly for right handed people.

Factory workers are at high risk for injury as it is and introduce the left-hand component, and you have what could be a slightly uncoordinated individual. So this could be a factor in the 'average' lifespan of lefties.
Yes it is "Unfortunately a Right Handers World"
That does make sense.
When I am doing anything like peeling vegetables or anything involved using a knife, I do tend to make those around me nervous the way I hold cut and peel with a knife. I am used to doing it but some think I am going to end up cutting my fingers off.
I remember when I was small, nobody in my family could teach me to even tie my shoes. They would try but I could not comprehend doing things the righthanded way, so I had to teach myself.
As long as we're ranting, I'd like to put my rant in here.

I want to learn guitar. The first time I ever picked up a guitar, I unknowingly picked it up left-handed. It feels comfortable that way. Yet every time I mention that, someone always says, well why don't you just learn right handed? And then they try to argue when I say no.

You know, I can't. Same as I can't learn to write with my right hand. Grrr. I know there are some lefties that play right handed, but that doesn't mean all of us can do it. It's a comfort thing. And playing right handed is very uncomfortable to me.

I have told a few of my friends when making remarks about learning to do things with my right hand instead of complaining. I ask them to try doing things with their left hand. I rest my case.
We have no choice but to adapt to many things in their world but I do believe some things we should be able to do naturally with what we were born with.
I asked for a guitar. I got a right handed one. They couldn't restring it so... they told me to learn right handed. I've had it for years and still haven't learned much. I have no desire to play when it's so uncomfortable =/
Have you checked with more than one place on that.
I believe anything can be done, though it may be expensive. Maybe try doing a Google search for lefthanded guitars may be a start to look.
I will do some internet research to see if I can see anything that might be of help to you.
If I find anything I will link it to you.
*tries desperately to hide southpaw* :)

I found this link to be helpful. From what it says that study isn't completely reliable, as older generations would have been forced to use their right hands, or that there are just more left-handed people now.

I learned how to play guitar right handed, (I tried it later with my left hand, but it didn't feel right). I also throw a ball with my right hand, but play basketball left-handed. I understand trampoline_girl's frustration, though. I hope you find a good left-handed guitar!

Btw, what exactly do you call a right-handed person who curves their hand inward? The same thing?
Thats a Good Question. LOL I guess I just took for granted that only left handers curved in their hand.
By The Way, Thanks for the link. I found it interesting. :)
You're welcome. :) I just got into one of my "have to find this out" modes, and thought I'd share the findings.

Lol, one of my friends, who is right-handed, curves her hand inward, and even smears the page and gets the pencil smudges on her hand. I always said she's a wanna-be leftie.

I also heard something from one of my professors, who is also left-handed, that those who are southpaws' brains are switched, for example, things "normally" done in the left brain are done in the right, and vice versa. I tried looking for a website about it, but couldn't find anything. Any thoughts?
I was told before that when a person is lefthanded their brain is tilted to the left side.
I did find a website that talks a bit about it.
check that out and let me know if that was any help