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we are the RIGHT ones [08 Mar 2011|06:51pm]

Not sure if anyone has ever mentioned this BUT i learned in my micro class today that DNA is left handed...it is twisted into its double helix in the left handed direction ^.^
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New! [17 Feb 2010|04:44pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey I just joined LJ and now this community. I am extremely proud to be left handed. Im an artist (somewhat) and I owe it all to my left hand.
Heres some interesting people that are also lefties:
Barrack Obama
Bill Clinton
Lewis Carroll
Kurt Cobain
David Bowie
Jimi Hendrix
Paul McCartney
Albercht Durer
Da Vinci
For having such a negative symbol in religion I think we win here

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Hello! [28 Mar 2008|05:12pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I just joined :)!
I am left handed, I do everything with my left hand, even use a mouse and a can opener :3.
I also have a learning disability and have CP. I did not learn to tie my shoes until I was 12 when my mom taught me to tie them backwards (to her) with shoesboxs with laces put in.
I am getting my first ever left handed pen soon :)!
As far as my right hand goes it is barely in preschool when it comes to writing :\
To answer past posts :
I do curve my hand inward when writing, I don't try to hide my left handness, and I can not drink well with my right hand, it just doesn't feel right :P
Left handed and proud thank you :D!

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Yep, we're just better. ;) [08 Mar 2008|03:55pm]

Regardless of your political standing, you gotta be impressed by this:

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Hey, is there any life in here? [09 Jul 2007|11:19pm]

I'm new and I see this community hasn't been updated in weeks! Actually, a lot of the left-handed communities on LJ haven't bene updated in months, whereas the left-handed communities on facebook are constantly updated, LOL! anyway, I'm an ambidextrous left-hander. I write, eat, pick up and put down things, and hold the phone with my left hand. I cut with scissors, cut with a knife, use can openers, strum a guitar, and use a mouse with my right hand. When I drink with a cup, I never use the same hand twice, in fact, sometimes even before I finish the drink, I'll switch hands with different sips. Thanks for putting this community up though!
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survey for left-handers- please respond [30 Dec 2006|12:02am]
I have to collect data for this math project and anyway I have a bunch of right-handers who have responded but need about 50 left-handers so that my data won't be really skewed, anyway I'd appreciate it if anyone from this community would take the time to fill this out. short survey click hereCollapse )
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gift ideas? [21 Aug 2006|05:13pm]

hi y'all!

I'm writing because I need some help. I'm trying to find a left handed specific gift for a classmate. It's for an end of the year gift that I'm giving on Friday. She was joking about how she could never write with gel pens because they smear as she writes and the ink skips as she writes (it makes her writing looks like she's hesitating)
She's a mom of two, very very busy (our school isn't conventional school, we're here like a full time job 40 hrs a week), always on the run..

I had a few things that would cater to her senior year but I wanted something a little personal and being left handed is personal! :)

suggestions would be wonderful..

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please help. [09 Aug 2006|04:05am]


Please sign this petition in order to make a further step toward equal treatment towards Lefties. your support is greatly appreciated.
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Lefthandedness [22 Jun 2006|09:57pm]

I get so Sick And Tired of people calling me a South Paw when noticing that I write with my left hand.
A southpaw is a lefthanded person that curves their hand inward when writing.
I Do Not do that!!!!!! Yes I am a Dukey, But not a South Paw.

By the way, I did a while ago read somewhere that right handed people live an average of 7 years longer than the lefthanded person.

I don't know how that research was done.
But I hope they are wrong.
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lefty petition. [19 Jun 2006|02:21pm]

please sign my left handed petition to get dean guitars to start making more of their models available to left handed people!

sign here
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[05 Jan 2006|11:52pm]



I sware I didnt steal the idea from here... But if anyone from here wanted to join, I could always use more members.
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New [18 Oct 2005|08:13pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Wow it is sooo cool that I found this community...I am soo left handed it's not even funny...I use my mouse lefty, I cut left handed, they even had to tape my left leg to the door when I was learning to drive because I wanted to use my left foot...My mom is left handed and so is my 5 year old son.

Power to the lefty....we will rule the world :)

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[13 Oct 2005|11:06pm]

[ mood | lefthanded ]

hello my fellow lefties.

i am approximately 75% lefthanded.
but i claim leftiness, like i claim my irish heritage, wholeheartedly!

cheers, limerick

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Breast cancer and left-handedness [26 Sep 2005|08:17am]

How bizarre is this?

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?dednah-tfel gnieb fo egatnavda [10 Sep 2005|12:08pm]

[ mood | derob ]

.srednah-tfel rof noitcerid larutan eht si tfel-ot-thgiR .nwod-edispu ro sdrawkcab )daer tsael ta ro (etirw ylisae erom nac seitfel ,yllareneG): .looc si ti tub ,lufesu yrev ton s'ti ,yakO :nwod-edispu dna sdrawkcab gnidaeR


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It's a conspiracy I tell you... [24 Aug 2005|01:44pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone else have their computer mouse buttons reversed? If so, have you noticed that just sometimes the mouse seems to forget it's reversed? Just curious. Maybe it's user error.

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Our left handed cousins [16 Aug 2005|08:50am]

Chimps have hands too!
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[14 Aug 2005|03:02pm]

How many of you also have left-handers in your family? My mother, grandfather, and one of my uncles are all lefties. Who else has a more-or-less left-handed family?

I ask because I think it's pretty cool when your family is like a left-handers club in itself. I can also forge my grandfather's signature perfectly, when for anyone else it would be completely impossible :)

(x-posted to lefties)
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Hey! I wrote an essay to mark the occasion... [13 Aug 2005|12:46pm]

It very loosely hits upon things like gay rights and disability. It's not very good, but I thought I'd link to it.
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Happy Left-Handers' Day! [13 Aug 2005|11:27am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

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